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The complete designing of our Systems is done on computerized programs by qualified professionals in conformance to the relevant Indian and international standards. All designs abide by the Indian fire services dept and / or Tariff Advisory Committee and U.K and USA fire protection standards.

After the preliminary designs our professionally skilled Engineers will work on to the design and will make it best without compromising the quality of work.

All the key components for the individual systems confirm to the highest quality standards and confirm to Indian standards such as the BIS and to international approval standards such as VDs and Factory Mutual Research Corporation.
Keeping in mind the criticality of the systems that we supply, we strive to maintain highest standards of design, material and erection standards.

Quality Assurance:
At IPEC, we believe that quality enhancement is a continuous process and all our processes right from design to commissioning conform to this Central Value. We as a company have a conviction that the best of design, material & workmanship accompanied by a time tested system will result in a value for money product and thus a satisfied customer.

It is our endeavour to train all our employees not only to understand the technicalities of the product and the system but also to imbibe the values on which our company is built on. We conduct certified engineering training programs to all professionals to enrich their future with IPEC. Further we provide onsite training on the system to our customers before the handing over formalities.

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