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Building Automation
Building Automation
Reliability, energy efficiency and cost-optimization are mandatory requirements placed on a modern building automation and control system. IPEC – the building automation and control system from Building Technologies – satisfies all these requirements in superior style.

Modern building operators, potential investors and critical planning engineers demand functional features and tailored solutions. IPEC creates comfortable working conditions in a building while giving consideration to economical and ecological criteria. Thus, to opt for IPEC means to invest in the future.

Benefits at a glance:

• Operation from a single management station
• Operational efficiency for increased profitability
• Matches electrical power distribution
• Speedy intervention in the event of fire
• Integrated security
• Additional applications
• Peer-to-peer communications: automated interaction and exchange of data
• Modifications carried out flexibly with no need for rewiring and no need for using new hardware
• Individual Lighting: Integrates devices such as infrared occupancy detectors incorporating daylight sensors and infrared remote control units
Building Automation