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Our Products

Our Products - Access Control System

Access control enables you to control who has access to your Premises. Locks and keys also allow you to secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen, the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable. Keys may also be copied, creating even more security risks. Our development teams are focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose, containing the important features that are necessary for well-run organizations. Our commitment has resulted in our products winning a reputation for reliability and ease of use. Whether it's a small office with access control and time and attendance system or a large corporate office with thousands of employees, we have deployed a wide range of Access Control systems with a feature of multi site
Access Control System
linking and a centralized monitoring system to effectively track and enhance the performance of the employees without any risk to the management. We also provide smart card based solutions in addition to access control for value added applications like Canteen Management systems, Vehicle Parking systems, Asset tracking etc.

In CCTV surveillance, the cameras are installed right from small offices to large commercial buildings with more than 200 cameras per site with TCP/IP for effective monitoring to provide intensive security solutions to the customers. If you can name the risk, we can offer you the right Solution!!

We deal with conventional as well as addressable fire alarm systems. The conventional fire alarms are used in small and easily accessible areas whereas addressable fire alarms can determine the exact time and place of fire and are used in high sensitivity places like Nuclear power stations and data and server rooms of various commercial and office buildings.


• Relay output for connection to door strikes/latches
• Independent NO/NC (programmable) input for connection to a switch for opening the door from inside.
• Elaborate Audio and Visual signals in response to commands
• Programmable duration for Time to open the door and Time to close the door, if connected with a magnetic switch
• Vehicle /
   Pedestrian Barriers
• Visitor Management
• Perimeter Protection
   Surveillance System
• Access Control
• Intrusion Detection
CCTV Surveillance System
• Fire & Smoke
   Detection System
• Fire Protection &
   Smoke Suppression
• Smoke Curtain
• Critical Room
• Fire Fighter Telephone
• Boom Barriers & Flap
   Barriers & Turnstiles
• Parking Management
• Entrance Control  
• Water Mist  Systems  
• Emergency Evacuation
• Video Analytics  
• IBMS  
• Emergency Lighting