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Our Products
Our Products - Fire Protection & smoke Suppression
IPEC Provides Total Fire Protection for Your Mission Critical Facilities. Using the latest technology in very early warning smoke detection in conjunction with clean agent fire suppression, IPEC provides the right fire protection system to help protect your business's mission critical applications. Fire Protection is designed for smoke and fire detection in virtually any commercial & industrial building application. These panels are monitored and controlled when networked with our network products. Fire panels are available with the latest technology in the fire alarm industry and designed with backward compatibility in mind. We can also re-design and remodel your existing system. Fire Protection & smoke Suppression
• Vehicle /
   Pedestrian Barriers
• Visitor Management
• Perimeter Protection
   Surveillance System
• Access Control
• Intrusion Detection
CCTV Surveillance System
• Fire & Smoke
   Detection System
• Fire Protection &
   Smoke Suppression
• Smoke Curtain
• Critical Room
• Fire Fighter Telephone
• Boom Barriers & Flap
   Barriers & Turnstiles
• Parking Management
• Entrance Control  
• Water Mist  Systems  
• Emergency Evacuation
• Video Analytics  
• IBMS  
• Emergency Lighting