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Our Products

Our Products - Fire Extinguisher-Fire Alarm-Fire Detection System

We are the quality based service provider of fire alarm systems, fire detection system and fire extinguisher in Bangalore. Fire extinguisher divides in many types like dry powder fire extinguisher, CO2 type fire extinguisher and modular automatic fire extinguisher. Discover our complete products ranges at affordable cost. Whether you manage a hospital or oversee operations for a commercial building, industrial plant, retail store, school campus, you’ll find a IPEC fire and smoke detection system that fits your application and improves safety and security for your people and property.
Fire & Smoke detection system

IPEC detection systems are uniquely compatible with existing building solution, so there’s no need for costly and time-consuming rewiring at installation. We offer smoke detectors precise enough for high-sensitivity and harsh environments.
IPEC fire and smoke sensors can even adjust to your environment and differentiate between normal and dangerous conditions, providing an early and rapid response that helps prevent property loss and minimize secondary damage from water sprinklers.

A fire alarm can be your savior in times of emergency as it can notify the police, the fire department and the ambulance service if it detects fire at your place. There are different types of fire detection systems including fire alarms and initiation devices such as smoke detectors, flame detectors, heat detectors, and manual pull stations. But how will you know which is the best one for you? Check out the various types of fire alarms mentioned below to choose the one that best fits your requirements and here are some dissertation help to be needed.

Some modern fire alarm systems verbally alert only that section of a building which is immediately affected by the fire, thus, preventing the exits from being clogged and preventing stampedes in the process.

Automatic Fire Alarm Systems: Automatic fire alarm not only alerts the occupants of a building, but can also dial up the emergency fire department number to send an urgent message informing them of the situation.

Besides these, there are smoke detectors, flame detectors and photoelectric alarms.

• Smoke detectors operate over a broad area and are highly sensitive.
• Flame detectors identify the wavelengths of the light released by the fire.
• Photoelectric alarms work on ionization technology and avoid the probability of false alarms.
• Vehicle /
   Pedestrian Barriers
• Visitor Management
• Perimeter Protection
   Surveillance System
• Access Control
• Intrusion Detection
CCTV Surveillance System
• Fire & Smoke
   Detection System
• Fire Protection &
   Smoke Suppression
• Smoke Curtain
• Critical Room
• Fire Fighter Telephone
• Boom Barriers & Flap
   Barriers & Turnstiles
• Parking Management
• Entrance Control  
• Water Mist  Systems  
• Emergency Evacuation
• Video Analytics  
• IBMS  
• Emergency Lighting