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Our Products
Our Products - Emergencies & Evacualtion

The companies requires employers that use an alarm system to provide warning for necessary emergency action as called in the emergency action plan or reaction time for safe escape of employees from the work place, the immediate work area, or both.

The purpose of the employee alarm systems is to reduce the severity of workplace accidents and injuries by ensuring that alarm systems operate properly and procedures are in place to alert employees to workplace emergencies.

Protect your employees and your business. Installing or updating an emergency evacuation system does not have to be expensive as compared to not having one.

Vehicle / pedestrian barriers

• Vehicle /
   Pedestrian Barriers
• Visitor Management
• Perimeter Protection
   Surveillance System
• Access Control
• Intrusion Detection
CCTV Surveillance System
• Fire & Smoke
   Detection System
• Fire Protection &
   Smoke Suppression
• Smoke Curtain
• Critical Room
• Fire Fighter Telephone
• Boom Barriers & Flap
   Barriers & Turnstiles
• Parking Management
• Entrance Control  
• Water Mist  Systems  
• Emergency Evacuation
• Video Analytics  
• IBMS  
• Emergency Lighting