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Our Products

Our Products - Boom Barriers, Flap Barriers & Turntiles

Our clients can buy from us Boom Barriers, which are for use at road way entry where there is medium to heavy traffic. These barriers also offer security at the exit and the entrances of factories, office complexes, parking lots and toll tax plazas and do not allow any stranger to enter the premises. Further, these barrier ensure prompt opening and closing of the barrier with easy landing. We also offer to our customers Flap Barriers that are friendly access control barrier for controlling trafficking in areas such as, Railway Stations, Sport Stadiums and Wharves. These boom barriers in Bangalore includes customized front panels, that adapt easily for mounting various ticket readers used by public utilities. Further, these also offer flexibility to accept different types of access card reader used in the security solutions.


Vehicle / pedestrian barriers

• Vehicle /
   Pedestrian Barriers
• Visitor Management
• Perimeter Protection
   Surveillance System
• Access Control
• Intrusion Detection
CCTV Surveillance System
• Fire & Smoke
   Detection System
• Fire Protection &
   Smoke Suppression
• Smoke Curtain
• Critical Room
• Fire Fighter Telephone
• Boom Barriers & Flap
   Barriers & Turnstiles
• Parking Management
• Entrance Control  
• Water Mist  Systems  
• Emergency Evacuation
• Video Analytics  
• IBMS  
• Emergency Lighting